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Keeping Traditions Alive

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More than just a knife... a lifelong investment...

... with memories to come.  Before considering a knife from my collection, please feel free to learn about the creativity, materials, and specialist techniques that go into every knife I make.  Rest assured that many hours of meticulous crafting and testing ensure that each knife is a highly functional and completely dependable tool, as well as the kind of unique and highly desirable work of art you'll want to pass down from generation to generation.

When you hold one of my knives, my greatest hope is that it evokes an emotion or a fond memory from a simpler time; that well-worn pocket knife or hunting knife your grandfather used with such reverence.  Capture it and let’s start making your own memories!


My Background and My Knives

After a period of tuition from a respected Swedish knife-maker, I started making my own knives in 2007: in doing so, I fulfilled a long-standing ambition to satisfy my passion for the knives and knife-making methods of the great American tradition.  Shortly thereafter, I spent an invaluable week in the workshop of Master Smith, Lin Rhea, perfecting new forging and heat treating techniques, honing my bladesmithing skills and discovering many of the time-honored secrets that help lend my knives their unmistakable combination of quality, individuality and authenticity.


In 2014, I received my Journeyman Smith rating within the American Bladesmith Society by passing a “presentation” judging by seven Master Smith’s and a “performance” judging, where I cut through a hanging one inch rope in one swing, chopped through (2) two by fours, still shaved hair afterwards, and bent my knife 90 degrees in a vise without breaking.

My name is Kurt Swearingen and I specialize in making beautiful yet functional hand-crafted knives at my traditional workshop in Cedar Crest, New Mexico.

Keeping Traditions Alive

Today, I make and sell my knives through carefully selected ranches in my home state of New Mexico, including Vermejo Park Ranch.  I also sell direct to a growing number of big game hunters who visit northern New Mexico for our world famous elk hunting.  Peerless quality and uncompromising attention to detail mean my customers tend to be discerning buyers who need a specific knife for a specific task; I am honored by those hunters and collectors who share my own heartfelt appreciation for the materials, construction and authentic styles of the American knife.

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