My Background

Kurt Swearingen

Kurt Swearingen

Knifemaking began for me in 2007 when I took a one-day knifemaking class, and that is all it took. I quickly sought out as much information on knifemaking as I could, first by study from Master Smith, Lin Rhea, perfecting new forging and heat-treating techniques, followed by study with Master Smith Dickie Robinson on handle design and fit; both helping me to hone my blade-smithing skills and discovering many of the time-honored secrets that help lend my knives their unmistakable quality, individuality and authenticity.

In 2014, I received my Journeyman Smith rating by the American Bladesmith Society by passing a “presentation” judging by seven Master Smith’s and a “performance” judging, where I hand-forged a knife that cut through a hanging one-inch rope in one swing, chopped through (2) two by fours, still shaved hair afterwards, and then bent 90 degrees in a vise without breaking.

I just used the knife you sent me and thought I would thank you for such an incredible instrument.

Tyler, Boerne, TX

Kurt, I just wanted to tell you I love my bar knife, I just used it to cut some potatoes and a steak; Thank you for thinking of us and hopefully we will see you soon.

Pat & Rueben, College Station, TX

Kurt, All that I can say is wow, what an awesome example of the knife makers art!!!

Stuart, Reston, VA

My Warranty

JS Knife Set

2014 Journeyman Smith Set

My designs and methods of construction have evolved as I have endeavored to improve their performance, function, and aesthetic; the culmination being the select hunting and camp knives presented to you here; models I’ve tested rigorously over many years of my own hunting, camping, and forestry work as well as through the performance reviews of my esteemed customers.

Excellent reviews are only possible with a comprehensive warranty so the customer can buy and use my knives with confidence. As my knives are sole authorship, I can stand behind both the knife and sheath, and should either not meet the customer’s standards, a full refund is promptly given. In addition, if the handle material ever fails, then I will replace the handle material for free with micarta.